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Unlimited imagination

BULLYLAND is variety!
Reading Cormer, Magic Forest, Trend Island, Dino Park and much more – our worlds offer something for everyone, and there is always something happening!


BULLYLAND is freedom!
With our figurines, children can experience the greatest adventures and stories, and let their imagination run wild!


BULLYLAND promotes healthy development!
BULLYLAND-figurines support kids in every phase of development, leaving plenty of space for their own creativity in a playful, unique and – most importantly – fun way!


BULLYLAND is trust and safety!
BULLYLAND-figurines are responsible toys. Since the company was founded in 1973, we have developed all products at the company headquarters near Stuttgart. We always focus on high-quality base materials and fair manufacturing conditions.

BULLYLAND is excellent!
Typical BULLYLAND figurines – PVC-free. Handpainted. True to nature. Our figures have been PVC-free since 2000. All products are lovingly and individually handpainted. They aim for the highest-possible realism based on the original from the animal world. Numerous prestigious awards reflect the high standards of the BULLYLAND brand. For example, the well-known consumer magazine "Öko-Test" awarded us the top grade VERY GOOD! in December 2016 for our dino "Giganotosaurus Museum Line", which contains no harmful substances. Many BULLYLAND-figurines have also won the “spiel gut” accolade, which is regularly awarded by a panel of experts.


Made of PVC-free material
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Designed by heart
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Colourfully handpainted, true to nature
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Awarded by the highly respected German „spiel gut“ certificate
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DIN En ISO: DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate