Bullyland Figurines

At Ribbons & Figurines, we proudly offer a diverse range of Bullyland collections, including Disney, Pixar, Animal World, and Micro Animals

Exploring Bullyland

Bullyland has been igniting imaginations since its inception in 1973, crafting figurines that inspire creativity and storytelling. 

Each figurine is meticulously designed to capture the essence of its subject, allowing children to immerse themselves in captivating tales and exciting adventures.

Responsible Play

At Ribbons & Figurines, we take pride in stocking responsible toys that prioritise safety, quality, and environmental consciousness. 

Bullyland figurines are crafted from high-quality, PVC-free materials and meticulously hand-painted to achieve unparalleled realism. Since 2000, they’ve been committed to PVC-free production, ensuring products are safe for children and the environment. 

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